As we move from traditional retail stores to online stores for shopping, a new factor in fulfilling the demands of the customers surfaces- Logistics Management. When an article is ordered online, it entails processes such as warehousing, inventory, packaging, shipping, tracking, etc. All these aspects comprise logistics for the E-store supplying the article. The trend is for most E-shops to outsource these activities to a 3 PL partner for E Handel.

About 40 years ago, various aspects that we now see under one umbrella term of logistics such as transportation, warehousing, international shipping, and technology were separate.

However, as digitization increased in different spheres, logistics companies providing a combination of services began to come into force. As E Handel companies began to emerge, logistics management became complex. The complexities increased as these E-commerce stores began operating internationally.

3 PL for E Handel has been in existence to manage the logistics of their E Handel partners for a while. With the growth of E-Handel businesses globally, companies offering 3 PL services are also growing. As per 2016 Logistics Study: The State of Logistics Outsourcing, 85% of E Handel businesses feel that outsourcing 3 PL has drastically reduced their logistics expenses.

But everything is not rosy for the 3 PL companies!

Modern 3 PL for Ehandel faces numerous challenges to make a place for themselves in the market.

First of all the 3 PL companies need to offer logistics as well as reverse logistics services. Reverse logistics implies managing the order when the order is returned by the buyer.

Modern 3 PL for E Handel needs to meet the growing demands of the customers. Modern customers have little patience when they place their order. They look for same day/next day deliveries. 3 PL companies need to ensure timely deliveries in a cost-effective manner.

Technology is advancing at breakneck speed. It is imperative that the 3 PL for Ehandel adapts to these technological changes and updates itself. Modern 3 PL for E Handel can use technologies such as network optimization, product customization, fulfillment automation, etc.

The 3 PL companies for E-Handel are in a highly competitive market. It is vital for them to assure reliable and secure services so as to stay ahead in the competition.

In this competitive market, it also becomes imperative for the 3 PL Company to become aware of the new developments in their field and adopt them.

Prime Penguin is one of the leading modern 3PL companies for E Handel. We work as your logistics partners to ensure seamless supply-chain management,

We are preset to most E-commerce platforms. Therefore interfacing your E Handel store is simple.

We have selected a number of 3 PL partners at different locations globally. You can select a satellite warehouse that is located close to your customers.

Your inventory will be managed in an efficient manner in the warehouse.

Your parcel will be packed and shipped in a timely manner to the destination.

We provide you a Smart card that can be integrated into your favorite device. With the help of this, you will be able to exercise complete control over the activities of the warehouse.