Efficient logistics management is vital for the success of an E-store. As more and more buyers shift towards the online mode of shopping, E-commerce companies look for third-parties to support their logistics. There are professional logistics companies that offer 3 PL services to E-stores.

3 PL logistics companies help their clients by performing activities such as warehousing, inventory management, packaging, and shipping.

When you are looking for a logistics company 3 PL for your E-store there are certain factors that you need to look for before finalizing one:

  1. The logistics company should provide the specific services you require for your store. In case your store is supplying products to a domestic market, the company should have a good distribution network within the country you provide the goods. On the other hand, if you cater to clients on a global level, you will need a logistics partner that has warehouses in countries where your customers are based.
  2. Choose a logistics company 3 PL that integrates easily to your E-shop. Your 3 PL partner should be compatible with the E-commerce platform your store is created on.
  3. Always look for a logistics partner that can allow for scalability. As you grow your business, the logistics company 3 PL should be able to cater to the growing needs of your business.
  4. Logistics is a field where there are numerous technological developments taking place. Select a logistics partner that is continuously updating itself to keep up with the technological advancements.
  5. Before you select the 3 PL Company, check its previous record regarding deliveries. In this competitive market, timely deliveries are essential to retain customers. Therefore, you should select a 3 PL partner that ensures that the products are delivered on time.

One of the best logistics company 3 PL is Prime Penguin! We are a Stockholm based logistics Company that provide reliable services.