Third party logistics services have become vital for the success of E-commerce businesses. Third party logistics manage functions such as warehousing, packing, inventory management, shipping, etc.

What is complete third party logistics for E-commerce?

Complete third party logistics for E-commerce entails complex and exhaustive processes that warrant expertise and an expansive network of subsystems. Third party logistics has emerged as a primary driver for E-commerce businesses.

Why do E-commerce enterprises opt for third party logistics?

Online retailers have to manage a wide range of operational and technological aspects for running their store. Managing the logistics of the store is a complex task. Third party logistics services come as a welcome relief to E-commerce companies as they professionally manage the complete logistics of the store.

How does an E-commerce company benefit by outsourcing the logistics to a third-party?

Storage of Goods

Third-party logistics companies have satellite warehouses at locations that are geographically distributed. The E-commerce company can store its goods in a single or multiple locations of its choice. This enables the E-commerce company to have multiple warehouses close to the locations of their customers.


The third-party logistics company takes care of packing the parcel prior to its delivery to the customer.


Maintaining the goods and the warehouse is an additional task that an E-commerce business has to undertake if it has its own warehouse. However, when the logistics is outsourced to a third-party, the 3 PL Company takes care of this aspect.


Third-party logistics companies for E-commerce take care of shipping the goods to the customers in a timely manner. They have access to multiple modes of transport. Hence they can schedule the delivery such that it reaches the customer on time.

Mitigates Risk

Outsourcing the logistics to a third-party helps mitigate risks of the E-commerce business. This is because once the logistics is outsourced, hazards associated such as loss, damage, or transportation delays, etc. come under the scope of the third-party.

Better Customer Experience

Third-party logistics for E-commerce have made things like same day delivery or express delivery a reality. This is because these companies use multi-mode transport such as airways, railways, roadways, etc. to ensure timely delivery of goods. This leads to customer satisfaction.

As the E-commerce industry is growing to cater to international customers, third party logistics companies are emerging as the best means for these companies to spread their business.

The only drawback an E-commerce Company faces by outsourcing the logistics is that it loses control over the logistics activities.

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