Jennie-Ellen uses Prime Penguin

We believe that being avant-garde within fashion also demands modern logistics and full control. Therefore, we are very happy to help Jennie-Ellen with their entire e-commerce logistics, together with our dedicated logistics partners, where they control and follow all logistics through our smart cloud-based interface.

Jennie-Ellen is a contemporary Scandinavian designer label creating high-quality footwear with close attention to material, color, detail, and craftsmanship.

The collections typically combine clean silhouettes and strong but challenging shapes with fun, playful, subtly edgy, yet timeless design.

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MAI Stockholm

The trendy MAI bottle is designed in Stockholm with the ambition to transform the daily water bottle into a fashion icon.

In a short time, the MAI bottle has been a well-known product within the fitness, wellness and yoga community and is used by many influencers and fashionable industry profiles, mainly in Scandinavia. The innovative and smart design has dragged a lot of positive attention and the bottle is now being sold and shipped Globally.

The MAI bottle

The MAI bottle is made out of pure stainless steel, which not emit toxic particles and is much better for them for the environment than bottles made out of plastic or aluminum. The design also includes a double wall, enabling the bottle to keep water cold for up to 12 hours. Also, the “avant-garde” design, makes it unique in many ways with its iconic golden top and often marble patterned styles.

MAI Stockholm and Prime Penguin

A webshop, based on Shopify, enabled a plug and play connection to the Prime Penguin platform within minutes. This connection also was the starting point for MAI Stockholm to procure and find a suitable logistic partner together with Prime Penguin.

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Swaggin Tails

A waggin tail is a happy tail. That’s the idea of the Natural and organic dog toys company Swaggin Tails.

A waggin tail is a happy tail. That’s the idea of Swaggin Tails, the natural and organic dog toys company.

The humans best friend ( 🐢), is beloved all over the world, but logistics can be complicated… We are therefore especially happy that Swaggin tails chose Prime Penguin as the professional partner for their entire logistics outsourcing.

Dogs love to play and their teeth are sharp. Therefore, Swaggin tails only use materials that are recycled, lasts longer, requires less water and irrigation and above all, with no pesticides or toxins.

Would you like to make your dog happy? You will for sure find something for your best friende here:

IG: @swaggin_tails πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ

Always a pleasure, to meet the e-shops and hard-working people behind them. Like last week, when the two co-founders (as well as brothers) of – Leo and Valentin visited us.

Gardenstore is one of the leading Scandinavian retailers of gardening products online, with a business growing at the same steady pace as the plants they are serving.

Their range of products differs a lot, with everything from tiny seed bags to full-scale houses and everything in between. Logistics can, therefore, be complicated and is vital for client success. We are therefore happy to offer them the interface and smartness of Prime Penguin, for full control.

Leo and Valentin is a great example of where everyday questions and struggle of a growing e-shop, can be a great source of inspiration in our process of improvement. There is always a lot to discuss and we learn a lot from their truth out there. That’s why they, as well as all clients, always are welcome for a meeting together with us.

Ernesto Morretta

Ernesto Morretta was founded in 2012 and was one of Prime Penguin’s very first clients.

The company’s idea is to offer custom-made Italian shirts with high quality. All shirts are sewn from a traditional Venetian technique.

This on demand business is a good example of where sufficient management of complex logistics truly makes a difference.

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Mulligan shop

This small, but rapidly expanding e-shop was founded by the two golf nerds.

Today they have over 7000 followers on their Instagram channel @mulliganmoments which is popular for it’s frequently posted content of funny moments in golf.

Mulligan shop is based on Shopify and is fully integrated with Prime Penguin from where they have outsourced all its logistics to one of Prime Penguins professional 3PL partners.

Through a plug and play connection, the platform then gives them quick access and total digital control over their e-commerce logistics.

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Julia & Julia Paperworks

Explore Julia & Julia Paperworks – the Stockholm based fashion designers who saw the opportunity in transforming the traditional business of gift cards – making them less ordinary.

Their creations are designed and printed in Sweden. Always on eco-labeled paper. The manufacturing and transport of the cards is 100% climate-compensated by the United Nations Gold Standard.

Julia & Julia Paperworks have based their web shop on Woocommerce and was fully technically connected to Prime Penguin within minutes.

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