New function – order tracking

The digitalization in the logistics industry goes faster than everyone expected and we work hard to stay ahead as a first mover.

We are always listening to and following our client’s needs closely in order to update Prime Penguin and make the daily operations easier for all e-shops which use our platform to integrate, manage and control all their logistics. 

In the coming period we will release some groundbreaking features and today we will reveal one of them – order tracking.

How does order tracking work? 

After an order has been sent out from the warehouse you will be able to find a detailed tracking status – informing you exactly where that specific order is. 

Instead of getting worried customers, wondering where the order is, you can now work proactive and inform the customers before they reach out to you. 

How is that? Doesn’t I need to click into each order to see the delivery status? 

No – this is a large benefit by using Prime Penguin. You will get all data aggregated from your warehouse(s) and the system will highlight all the orders being at risk for a delay (by setting general time rules). You can now use this feature and sort on all orders (at risk) and inform your customers by a standard e-mail.

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New 3PL partner in Holland


New interesting 3PL location: Prime Penguin has partnered up with a 3PL in Holland that is specialized in e-commerce and with a superb location in the outskirts of Amsterdam. 

Prime Penguin is pre-connected to all its 3PL-partners as well as nearly 20 of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the market, which makes it easier than ever, for your business, to get started with logistics operations abroad. Prime Penguin is helping a lot of fast-growing companies with the logistics expansions and integrations.

Want to know more about Prime Penguin and how we can help your business to grow further? We are happy to arrange a meeting with you in order to discuss, learn more about your needs, and tell you more about Prime Penguin.


Highlighted as staff pick by Shopify

The Prime Penguin Shopify app for 3PL logistics procurement and integration is now highlighted as an “outstanding app” by the Shopify staff.

Are you a Shopify user? Simply add Prime Penguin and get connected with suitable 3PL-providers to handle all your domestic and international logistics.

All 3PL partners, as well as Shopify, are pre-connected to Prime Penguin which makes it possible to instantly connect and follow all your logistics activities digitally.

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Norway’s largest influencer chose Prime Penguin

We are happy to announce that influencer Erica Kvam together with her brand Baze-1 has outsourced their logistics to one of Prime Penguins partners in Norway. 

BAZE-1 is created by Erica Kvam who is one of Norway’s biggest influencers with 205.6 k followers on Instagram and is established together with Fashion Tech group, which also is a co-owner of the brand.

Fashion Tech Group helps category-leading influencers & creators to create their very own product brand. This includes developing, manage, and scale authentic product brands for category-leading influencers who want to establish their lifestyle brand. They offers a seamless procedure regarding the concept, production, logistics, marketing, operations, and e-commerce solutions.

“Prime Penguin is a perfect solution for integrating multiple warehouses and to track all warehouse activities. We see Prime Penguin as a great platform where we can easily expand our logistics to the next country all through one single plug-and-play connection. It is the best logistics solution we can think of today and we are happy to grow our businesses together.”

– Björn Påhlman Sprenger, Fashion Tech Group

Baze-1 logistics will be handled by one of Prime Penguin’s integrated logistics partners – a completely automated warehouse (3PL) in Norway. It is a futuristic warehouse where all the orders are completed by robots.

Prime Penguin has already great experience in providing logistics solutions for other big influencer brands such as Rebecca Stella, Bianca Ingrosso, Sanne Alexandra, Linn Ahlborg, and more and looks forward to continuing to be relevant for and attract this growing and highly interesting segment.


New 3PL partner in Italy

Northern Italy is an attractive and interesting e-commerce logistics location. Reaching out to the main parts of Italy, the Alps, France, the riviera, and more or less in a day, it is a strategic and requested 3PL-location for many successful consumer lifestyle brands.

We are therefore happy to announce that Prime Penguin has partnered up with one of Italy’s biggest and most prominent 3PL operators, near the city of Milan.

Prime Penguin is pre-connected to all its 3PL-partners as well as nearly 20 of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the market, which makes it easier than ever, for your business, to get started with logistics operations abroad.

The smart “routing technology” of Prime Penguin will make sure that all orders will be handled by the most relevant warehouse which reduces delivery costs and time for all your orders while you are having full digital control of all logistics operations.

Are you interested in the North Italien region for your e-commerce logistics operations? Simply procure your logistics need digitally within minutes at and we will return to you shortly.

Team Prime Penguin


Partnership with Apport systems

Prime Penguin and Apport systems partner up on technical integrations and digitalization where the services of Prime Penguin easily and pre-connected will be offered to all users and clients of Apport systems.

About Apport systems

Apport systems were founded in Denmark in 2000 and have since been focusing on optimizing warehouse logistics for companies all over Scandinavia. The modern system utilizes the newest technology – such as voice recognition, voice picking, barcodes, and wireless data gathering – to optimize warehouse procedures which leads on average to a 25-40 percent efficiency improvement. 

About Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin is a Stockholm based award-winning logistics solution that allows e-shops to connect to the very best 3PL-companies in a plug and play procedure. The cloud-based platform of Prime Penguin allows e-commerce companies and brands to have full digital control over their full supply chain and all warehouse activities in real-time. 

More about the collaboration

Prime Penguin makes it possible for e-shops to enjoy a plug and play connection from most e-commerce platforms into Apport systems WMS with multiple channel support. Once connected, the e-shop will be able to follow and manage all its logistics including all warehouses, orders, and sales channels including a lot of functionality to get full control of the full order supply chain and all its activities.


New integration – Mystore


We are happy to inform all e-shops out there, that you now can access and use Prime Penguin for all your e-commerce logistics.

Prime Penguin is now integrated with and your integration should therefore not take any longer than only a few minutes.

You will then be ready to experience our award-winning platform and find and get started with the best 3PL-partners for your e-shop.

About is Norway’s largest e-commerce platform. The company delivers a userfriendly, scalable and cost-efficient platform for online stores that from the ground up is integrated with their mPos system. Orders from more than 1800 stores pass through their systems.
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Disrupted supply chain?

Are you experiencing a disrupted supply chain due to temporary bottlenecks for your e-commerce logistics due to the rapid change because of the Coronavirus?

Prime Penguin is a digital solution – pre-connected to several full-service logistics providers (3PL) at some key global markets and can be a solution for you to redistribute some of your order flows until things are back to normal.

For any questions, please contact our supply chain manager John and he will arrange a digital meeting with you:

We are happy to help to find you a potential solution.


Bite & Bone choose Prime Penguin

The fashionable and high-quality dog accessory brand Bite & Bone choose Prime Penguin for all their domestic and international logistics. 

The idea comes from the Swedish business-minded dog lover and entrepreneur Frida Carlsson, whose vision was to change the way dog owners relate to collars and leashes. From her own experience, she knew that one’s dogs are family and they deserve to be treated like it, therefore she decided to create pieces that are thought of as accessories and not a trivial must-have.

Frida Carlsson used her experience, knowledge, and passion to create high quality, fashionable and stylish dog collar and leashes. Bite & Bone targets the urban dog owner and markets the brand in a provocative way that stands out from an otherwise predictable and left behind industry.

Bite & Bone´s products are available exclusively at and comes initially in three different colors. The goal is to increase the range of colors in the collection very soon, but also to offer new designs. This because you should want to treat your four-legged friend with not only one but a couple of stylish collars and leashes of the highest quality to suit
all occasions. Because every occasion is worth dressing up for and for your dog, this is the only accessory that matters according to Frida Carlsson.

See all products and shop today at


United Kingdom is calling

The UK market has been added to the global network of Prime Penguin.

Not only London call for your e-shop – but also the whole UK market. 

We are happy to announce that Prime Penguin now enables full-service logistics for your e-commerce also in the UK, together with our latest fully connected modern third party logistics partner, near London.

The UK market has been demanded quite frequently by many Prime Penguin using e-shops, as Brexit undeniably comes closer, but also as the e-commerce industry in the UK recently has been growing significantly.

Prime Penguins smart solution and international logistics network, enable your e-shop to connect to several logistics partners simultaneously and we are happy to tell you more about how you can optimize your logistics in the UK as well as in other markets.

Sounds interesting? Please get in touch with us and one of our logistics experts will tell you more.