The fast-paced technological evolution has led to the development of new ways of shopping. Today most people prefer to shop online E-shops rather than visiting the traditional brick and mortar stores. 2018 has experienced a boom in online shopping globally and this trend is likely to continue. E-shop owners definitely stand to gain from this popularity of online shopping. For efficient management of the E-shop, they outsource the logistics to a third party.

What is third-party logistics for an E-shop?

Logistics is the umbrella term for all those activities such as procuring raw material, manufacturing the goods and their delivery to the customers.

Third-party logistics entails storing of inventory, packing of products, and successfully shipping the orders.

Third Party Logistics offers numerous benefits to E-shop:

  • 3 PL logistics provide storage facilities for your goods

You do not need to have your own warehouse for storing the goods. This helps you minimize your expenses on the rent of the warehouse. You also save the time and effort involved in finding a suitable warehouse and maintaining it.

  • You get a warehouse close to your customers

Most E-shop owners who have their own warehouses face the difficulty that their warehouse is not located conveniently according to their customer locations. They require an effective distribution network. However, outsourcing resolves this issue by having multiple warehouses that are well-distributed within the proximate distance of their customers.

  • Lower Shipping Charges

Third-party logistics companies ship high volumes of goods. Hence, they have the benefit of discounted shipping charges from shipping companies. They pass on this discount to their customers.

  • Scalability

As your store grows in business, the logistics management becomes more complicated. Outsourcing your logistics to a third party helps you scale your business in a seamless manner.

  • Reduce your Workforce

You will need an extensive workforce for managing the logistics of your E-commerce store. By outsourcing to a third party you can reduce the extra workforce. You also get the benefit of professionally managed logistics that is well-experienced in the field.

Although third-party logistics offers multiple benefits to the E-commerce business, there is a risk of the store owner losing control over logistics management.

The solution for this to choose the best third-party logistics provider that not only offers these benefits but also ensures that the E-shop has complete control.

One of the best third-party logistics providers is Prime Penguin!

  • We work with our clients as their third-party logistics partners offering hassle-free logistics management while they have complete control of their warehouse.
  • Prime Penguin can interface easily with the major E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Tictail, etc.
  • We have prepared a list of partner warehouses at different parts of the globe. You can choose the warehouse according to your preference.
  • We have a smart-card that can be integrated into your favorite device.
  • You can monitor your warehouse using the device. You can check the real-time metrics on inventory levels, order trends, sales, etc.

Therefore, Prime Penguin offers you the best third-party logistics solutions to manage your E-store!