For the success of an E-store, its logistics should be managed efficiently. Since logistics is such a vital component of an E-commerce business, it should be chosen carefully. Businesses outsource their logistics to the companies offering Best 3 PL solutions for E-commerce.

What are the best 3 PL solutions for E-commerce?

  • Integration

When a third-party is being selected for logistics management, it should be compliant with the E-commerce platform of your store. This implies simple and easy integration of the 3 PL system to your store.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

The 3 PL partner should be able to allow you to start your business at any level and enable you to scale up as you grow. You can then start small and grow your business easily with such a partner.

  • Technology

Just like any other domain, the field of logistics is also experiencing rapid advancements in technology. The company that provides the best 3 PL solutions for E-commerce will be updated with the latest technologies and adaptable to the newer technologies.

  • Storage

The best 3 PL solutions for E-commerce require adequate warehousing facilities for your products. You should choose a 3 PL partner that warehousing facilities close to your customers so that the products are delivered on time.

  • Shipping

The best 3 PL solutions for E-commerce have access to multi modes of transport. They use the best combination to ensure timely deliveries.

  • Order Fulfillment

Many a time customers experience wrong orders being delivered or damaged products being delivered. Companies that provide the best 3 PL solutions for E-commerce ensure right deliveries and products delivered without any damage.

Prime Penguin, a Stockholm based 3 PL company, offers the best 3 PL solutions for E-commerce. We offer a simple plug and play for your E-store to manage its logistics. Since we are integrated into most of the major E-commerce platforms, you can integrate your E-store easily into our system.