The growth in international trade has given an impetus to the 3 PL logistics industry worldwide. The 3 PL logistics providers offer complete logistics management making the business owners free to focus on other aspects of their business.

The global third party logistics market is experiencing a boom. It is expected to reach $ 1,513 billion by 2025 which is nearly double of what it was in 2017($ 869 billion). This unprecedented growth can be attributed to the development of the E-commerce industry.

3 PL essentially implies a manufacturer outsourcing certain activities related to logistics and distribution to another company. The 3 PL companies have their own warehouses and distribution systems enabling the streamlined flow of goods.

A 3 PL logistics company provides the following services to an E-shop:

  • Inventory Management
  • Cross-docking
  • Packaging of goods
  • The door to door delivery

Since these 3 PL companies have an expertise in their area of service, the demand for these services is increasing. Besides, it is also seen that E-shop owners need to focus on their business to meet the rising demands of their clients. Hence, it works out as a convenient option to outsource the logistics management to a professional organization.

As the business of an E-shop grows, meeting the demands of the customers becomes a challenge. This is because customers expect quick deliveries. If the store is not able to meet this expectation, it could even lose customers. Hence it becomes imperative to have an effective distribution network to ensure timely deliveries. Outsourcing to a 3 PL logistics company solves this problem as these companies have a number of warehouses that are widely distributed. The E-shop owners have the option to choose warehouses that are close to the location of the customers.

Globalization has caused manufacturing activities to be set up in worldwide locations. 3 PL logistics help manage the network of worldwide manufacturing. Best 3 PL logistics companies provide a cost-effective and reliable means of maintaining the supply chain due to their professional approach.

One of the greatest benefits offered by a 3 PL logistics company is scalability. A business can scale up easily because the 3 PL logistics company is able to meet the growing demands of the business.

Although 3 PL logistics solves a lot of issues related to managing the E-shop, the only problem the store owner faces is a loss of control over the activities.

Prime Penguin is one of the best 3 PL logistics companies that manage your logistics in a hassle-free manner while providing you complete control over the inventory management.

You can view the activities of your digital warehouse in real-time through your favorite device. This is because after integrating your E-shop with the satellite warehouse of your choice, we provide you with all the data on a smart card that can be interfaced with any device.

You will be able to get all the information and control the activities of your warehouse.

The fact that integrating your store with Prime Penguin is a simple plug and play operation coupled with the fact that you donโ€™t lose the control makes it one of the best 3 PL companies.