The rise of E-commerce business has witnessed the growth of a specialized field-Logistics. The reason for this is that an E-store requires activities such as freight management, storage of products, packaging, etc. to be performed for its seamless functioning. The logistics field in itself has become a highly competitive one with each logistics company differentiating its services from the others to get a better market share. As an E-shop owner, you need to select the best 3 PL Company for E-commerce.

With so many players in the market choosing the best 3 PL Company for E-commerce can be quite a daunting task. You should ideally choose a 3 PL partner that provides comprehensive services so that you need not focus on the logistics part and channelize your time and efforts towards the growth of your business.

Here are a few tips to select the best 3 PL Company for E-commerce:

Supply Chain Management

A well-managed supply chain is an important part of an E-commerce business. The 3PL partner should ensure smooth inbound freight delivery.


An E-store warrants a storage system for the inventory. Your 3 PL partners should be able to provide you with warehousing facilities and management of your warehouse. You will require multiple warehouses at different locations according to your customers’ locations.

Consolidation Services

The best 3 PL Company for E-commerce offers consolidation services whereby a number of small consignments are sent as one large consignment drastically reducing the freight charges.

Order Fulfillment

The best 3 PL Company for E-commerce ensures that there are no errors in order fulfillment. They ensure that the right products reach the customers in good condition.

One of the best 3 PL Company for E-commerce is Prime Penguin! We are based in Stockholm and offer 3 PL logistics services while offering you complete control over the logistics management.