The world has become a smaller place due to the advancements in technology. Today, we can purchase our favorite brands from anywhere in the globe because of the facility of online shopping. One of the most popular platforms for hosting an E-shop is Shopify. Owning a store on Shopify also means managing its logistics. Fortunately, there are 3 PL solution providers for Shopify.

3 PL solution providers for Shopify offer a number of services. You need to identify the services you need for your store and choose the 3 PL company accordingly.

Here is a list of the services provided by a 3 PL company:


This service entails transportation of the inventory from your factory to warehouse and to the buyer.

Storage and Distribution

These 3 PL companies offer warehouse facilities for storing the inventory. They also take care of the shipment of goods and returns, etc. There are 3 PL companies that ensure the same day or next day deliveries. Since customers expect quick deliveries, it is recommended to select a 3 PL solution for Shopify that has well-distributed warehouses close to customer locations.

Financial Services

The 3 PL companies provide optimization of the complete logistics network such as freight auditing, cost accounting and control, monitoring, order booking, and tracking, and managing inventory.

Once you are aware of the services offered by the specific 3 PL solution provider for Shopify, you can select the one that best meets your requirements.

One of the leading names in 3 PL solutions for Shopify is Prime Penguin! It is a Stockholm based company that works as the 3 PL partner for managing the logistics of the E-shop. It is easy to integrate your Shopify store to our platform as we are already preset to Shopify. We offer comprehensive logistics management while leaving the overall control in your hands!