We are living in a digital marketplace where we are connected to a number of online stores. This is because of the development of numerous E-commerce platforms which make it easy to set up E-shops. If you are using the user-friendly, flexible Prestashop platform for your E-store you will require efficient logistics management for your store. You have the option of choosing professional 3 PL solutions for your Prestashop store.

How will outsourcing the logistics management to a 3 PL solutions company for Prestashop help you?

Let us understand the main logistics functions that you will need to be managed by your logistics partner.

  • Storage of inventory
  • Packaging
  • Shipping

E-shop owners have the option of having their own warehouses for storing inventory. But this entails payment of rentals, maintaining the warehouse and managing inventory. You will need to pay for the warehouse if you buy or rent it. You will also spend on employing staff for managing the logistics. You will also need to supervise the entire warehouse management. All these aspects increase your expenses and efforts.

In addition to this if your warehouse is located far from your customers then you will need to incur additional expenses in organizing an efficient distribution network for your goods.

A 3 PL solutions provider for Prestashopprovides a comprehensive solution for all these issues.

These companies usually have distributed warehouses which are located close to your client locations. They take care of inventory management and shipping making the whole process hassle-free.

However, the only drawback of the process is that you may lose control of the logistics management.

To solve this problem, choose Prime Penguin the best 3 PL solutions provider for Prestashop who manage your logistics while giving you the control of the entire process.