Skane is the southernmost part of Sweden. This region has become popular for setting up 3 PL Skane primarily because of its location. Also, its infrastructure facilities have made it a choice of many companies for setting up 3 PL companies in Skane.

Why set up 3 PL in Skane?

Setting up an office in Malmo in Skane enables commuting to various Scandinavian locations in one day. This is because of the proximity of Malmo to other Nordic locations. Besides the infrastructure and communications facilities of Skane are highly developed enabling efficient logistics management.

Here’s a look at the infrastructure and communication facilities in Skane:


You have a choice of airports for your freight. You have options such as:

  • Copenhagen Airport in Denmark. Oresund Bridge connects Malmo Airport to Copenhagen. There is very good connectivity by train between the two airports. The frequency of trains is every twenty minutes.
  • 30 km southeast of Malmo there’s Malmo Airport
  • In the northeast Kristianstad Airport and
  • Angelholm Airport in the northwest


There is a facility of high-speed trains which take 4 hrs to travel from Skane to Stockholm. In addition to this, there is an international train service providing travel to destinations such as Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin, and Hamburg.


There is great connectivity by road to various domestic and international destinations. There are highways which link Skane to Gothenburg, Oslo, Germany, Copenhagen, etc. In addition, there is connectivity to Poland via Ystad and across Baltic Sea to Swinoujscie.


Skane has a well-established sea link as well.

  • Helsingborg Harbor

It provides round the clock ferry services to destinations such as Helsingor(Denmark), Oslo, and Copenhagen. Additionally, it provides ferry services to Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Estonia, and Germany.

  • Malmo and Copenhagen Ports

These cater to the transportation needs of freight and passengers to locations such as Denmark, Norway, UK, Germany, Finland, Poland, and Belgium.

  • Trelleborg

It is the southernmost tip of Skane and is about 85 km from the German border. It has a harbor that provides ferry services to Rostock and Sassnitz, Hanko, Gdynia, Bremerhaven, and Southampton.

  • Ystad Ferry Port

It is located on the south coast of Sweden, south-east of Malmo.

As is apparent from the above discussion, Skane is very well connected to various locations not only in the neighboring locations but also distant ones. This makes it a good choice for 3 PL Skane.

The companies offering 3 PL in Skanehave a choice of efficient multi-modal transport systems. This equips them to select the optimum combination of transportation methods to ensure timely deliveries to customers.

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